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Landbot Chat Bot Tracking is an automated chat service (or chat bot) that can interact with your customers and collect information. Using Zapier, you can integrate Landbot with WhatConverts and get the contact information with marketing data on your WhatConverts dashboard.

    Note: If you haven’t added your WhatConverts tracking script to your website, add your tracking script. You must place your WhatConverts Tracking Code above your Integration Code

1Copy your Index URL from your chatbot embed code. This can be found in the App, by selecting the bot you’d like to integrate with WhatConverts and selecting “Share” at the top of the page.

Landbot Index URL for WhatConverts Integration

2Where you have your chat bot installed on your site, replace your installation code with the following:

    Note: Paste the LandBot Index URL where indicated in the installation code below.
<script src=""></script>
    var cookie = oqhaqzwnbjgcpycneryg('wc_client');
    var [source,medium,campaign,content,keyword,gclid,landing_page,msclkid] = ['','','','','','','',''];
    if (cookie) {
        var cookie_parts = cookie.split('+..+');
        if (cookie_parts[0])
            source = cookie_parts[0];
        if (cookie_parts[1])
            medium = cookie_parts[1];
        if (cookie_parts[2])
            campaign = cookie_parts[2];
        if (cookie_parts[3])
            content = cookie_parts[3];
        if (cookie_parts[4])
            keyword = cookie_parts[4];
        if (cookie_parts[5])
            gclid = cookie_parts[5];
        if (cookie_parts[6])
            landing_page = cookie_parts[6];
        if (cookie_parts[8])
            msclkid = cookie_parts[8];
    var myLandbot = new LandbotPopup({
        index: 'Paste Your LandBot Index URL Here',
        customerData: {
            source: source,
            medium: medium,
            campaign: campaign,
            content: content,
            keyword: keyword,
            gclid: gclid,
            landing_page: landing_page,
            msclkid: msclkid

3At the top of your App select “Build“. On the left-hand menu, under Integrations select “Zapier“. Connect your Zapier step to your chat flow after contact information has been collected.

Set up Zapier step

4Click” the Zapier step and “copy” the Landbot Token.

5Go to Zapier and click “Make a Zap“. Select “Landbot” as your Trigger App and “Zapier Block Activated” as your Trigger. Click “Continue“. If your Landbot account is already connected, select your account and click “Continue“, if not, click “Connect an Account“. In the popup, paste your Landbot Token in the box and click “Yes, Continue“.

On the Set up Landbot Block page, make sure you select the correct bot from the Bot drop-down list. Click “Continue

6Append the following parameters to the end of your URL and go through your chat flow.


7Go back to Zapier, on the Pick A Sample To Set Up Your Zap page, click “Get More Samples” to make sure you’ve pulled in the newest test submitted using the parameters above.

    Note: You can click the grey down arrow next to the Block to view the details.

View Block details

Select the radio button next to your lead and click “Continue“.

8Add an Action Step and select “WhatConverts” as your Action App. Select “Create Lead” then click “Continue“. Select your WhatConverts account to integrate with Landbot.

    Note: If you have not set up a WhatConverts account in Zapier, you can follow the detailed instructions in Connecting to Zapier.

Set up your Template as follows:

    Lead Type: Chat
    Profile: Your WhatConverts Profile
    Referrer Source: Source
    Referrer Medium: Medium
    Referrer Campaign: Campaign
    Referrer Content: Content
    Referrer Keyword: Keyword
    Gclid: Gclid
    Msclkid: Msclkid
    Landing Page: Custom Fields URL Value

Add any additional fields that you collect from your chat bot under Additional Fields. In the example screenshot, the fields are Name and Email:

    Name: Name
    Email: Email

Set up WhatConverts Lead in Zapier for Landbot

Click “Continue“. Send your test to WhatConverts and click “Finish“. Give your Zap a Name and turn it “On“.

9Log into your WhatConverts profile and view your new chat lead. Click on the “eye ball icon” to open the Lead Details.

Lead Details for Full Sample Landbot