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JivoChat Integration

JivoChat is a chat software that helps businesses get in touch, in real time with customers to answer any questions they may have in the buying process.

This document will guide you through setting up an integration with JivoChat and WhatConverts using Zapier so you can see your finished chats right in your WhatConverts dashboard.

    Note: If you haven't added your WhatConverts tracking script to your website, add your tracking script. If you are using the WhatConverts WordPress Plugin, you will want to deactivate the plugin and place your WhatConverts Tracking Code above your JivoChat Integration Code.

1On your website where you have placed your JivoChat Installation Code, add the following directly under your JivoChat installation code.

var cookie = oqhaqzwnbjgcpycneryg('wc_client');
    var source='',medium='',campaign='',content='',keyword='',gclid='',landing_page='',user_id='',msclkid='';
if (cookie) {
    var cookie_parts = cookie.split('+..+');
    if (cookie_parts[0])
        source = cookie_parts[0];
    if (cookie_parts[1])
        medium = cookie_parts[1];
    if (cookie_parts[2])
        campaign = cookie_parts[2];
    if (cookie_parts[3])
        content = cookie_parts[3];
    if (cookie_parts[4])
        keyword = cookie_parts[4];
    if (cookie_parts[5])
        gclid = cookie_parts[5];
    if (cookie_parts[6])
        landing_page = cookie_parts[6];
    if (cookie_parts[7])
        user_id = cookie_parts[7];
    if (cookie_parts[8])
        msclkid = cookie_parts[8];
function jivo_onOpen(res) {
        "description": cookie


2Go to Zapier and "Make a Zap". Select "Webhooks by Zapier" as your Trigger App and "Catch Hook" as the Trigger. "Copy" the custom Webhook URL.

3Log into your JivoChat dashboard. On the left-hand menu, click "Manage". Under System select "Channels". Click "Settings" under your URL. Select "Integration Settings for Developers". Paste the Webhooks URL into the Webhooks Endpoint URL box.

Add your Webhooks URL to JivoChat

4In an incognito window, go to your website, but add the following to the end of your URL:


Start and leave a chat.

Go back to Zapier, click "Continue" on your Webhooks step and click "Get Samples" to find the chat you just completed. Click the gray drop-down arrow to review the chat. Click "Done Editing".

5Click "Do This..." and select "Filter by Zapier as your Action App. Under Only Continue If... select "Event Name" from the first drop-down menu, "(Text) Contains" from the second drop-down and type finished in the last input box. Click "Continue". Click "Test & Continue".

6Click "+" and add "Formatter by Zapier" as a new step. Select "Text" as your Action Event. Select "Split Text" under Transform. Under Values click the "Insert a Field" and select "Visitor Description from Step 1.

Select Visitor Description

Under Separator type + and under Segment Index select "All (as Separate Fields)" from the drop-down.

Zapier selections

7Click the "+". Add an additional "Formatter by Zapier" Action Step. Select "Text" as your Action Event. Under Transform, select "URL Decode" and click "Insert a Field" locate and select the Landing Page URL from Step 3 of your Zap. In the example below, it is "Output Item 13" from the Values drop-down.

Select the Landing Page URL

Click "Continue". Review the data and click "Test and Continue".

8Click the "+" to add an Action Step and select "WhatConverts" as your Action App. Select "Create Lead" then click "Continue". Select your WhatConverts account to integrate with JivoChat.

    Note: If you have not set up a WhatConverts account in Zapier, you can follow the detailed instructions in Connecting to Zapier.

Set up your Customize Lead Template as follows:

    Lead Type: Chat
    Profile: Your WhatConverts Profile
    Referrer Source: Zap step 3 - Output Item 1
    Referrer Medium: Zap step 3 - Output Item 3
    Referrer Campaign: Zap step 3 - Output Item 5
    Referrer Content: Zap step 3 - Output Item 7
    Referrer Keyword: Zap step 3 - Output Item 9
    IP Address: Zap step 1 - Session Ip Addr
    User ID: Zap step 3 - Output Item 15
    Gclid: Zap step 3 - Output Item 11
    Msclkid: Zap step 3 - Output Item 17
    Lead Page: Zap step 1 - Page URL
    Landing Page: Zap step 4 - Output Item 13

Add the following field under Additional Fields:

    Email Address: Zap step 1 - Visitor Email
    Name: Zap step 1 - Visitor Name
    Transcript: Zap step 1 - Plain Messages

Create JivoChat lead in WhatConverts

Click "Continue". Click "Test & Continue" to send a test to WhatConverts. When the test is successful, you can name your Zap and turn your Zap "on".

9Go to WhatConverts. Select your profile and click "Dashboard". Find your new Chat Lead and click "View Details". You can now see your chat leads importing from JivoChat.

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