Google is transitioning users from Universal Analytics to Analytics 4.0.

Integrating WhatConverts with the new Google Analytics 4.0 allows you to pair Google’s new engagement tracking with detailed data for every lead who engages with your site.

Click here to learn more about how Google Analytics 4.0 is different from the old Universal Analytics. 

The update is a gamechanger for engagement metrics, but Google still can’t tie specific leads to specific engagements

However, you can track general engagement through GA4, then use WhatConverts to see the exact leads that are engaging with your site.

Google tells you that an action happened resulting in a lead, but you don’t know the value of the lead, what they wanted, if they were targeted, and what they were worth.

Connecting WhatConverts to GA4 allows you to tie specific actions to specific leads, then identify your qualified, high value leads.

While you can use GA4's Acquisition page to see where conversions are coming from, you don’t know if they’re qualified. A simple integration with WhatConverts will connect engagements to actual leads, and allow you to qualify and value your leads.

GA is free, and provides you with useful information about the activities and happening of your site, but what does that really mean for your real world strategies? How can you use the GA data to boost revenue and improve marketing efficiency?

Pairing Google Analytics with WhatConverts ensures that your data has a bigger impact on your marketing efforts.

Click here to learn how to use GA4 with WhatConverts

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Whatconverts Features for your Business
Plotting and Charting Options
Analytics & Insights Plotting and Charting Options

Create the exact report you need with customized plots and charts.

Chat Tracking in Google Analytics
Lead Tracking Chat Tracking in Google Analytics

Automatically send chat events to Google Analytics to define conversion funnels.

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