Tracking your iframe forms in Google Analytics is important to make sure that you are attributing your conversion goals to the correct traffic sources in reporting.

WhatConverts makes tracking forms in iframes easy. When a form is inside of an iframe, it exists on a domain outside of your website. When someone fills out a form inside of an iframe, the marketing data exists on two separate websites. WhatConverts solves this problem by tying the two data-sets together using our tracking code.

For you this means, with WhatConverts, you can track your iframe web form submissions and report the conversion to Google Analytics without the need for complicated scripts and/or event listeners.

Once you start tracking your iframe forms, will be able to see the full form submission in your WhatConverts dashboard, including contact information for the user and the marketing data that inspired them to reach out.

Here is more information about tracking iframe forms.

Integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics; simply add your Google Analytics tracking ID and we'll send events each time a form submission occurs; no need to track a "Thank You" page or use event listeners. See all your form conversions alongside your favorite analytics reports.

The image below shows you how your form submission goals will appear in Google Analytics:

Tracking iframe forms in Google Analytics


  1. Easy form tracking.
    Don't hassle with temperamental thank you page confirmations or JavaScript events. Identify the form you want to track in WhatConverts and we will send form conversions to Google Analytics.
  2. Lead Alerts - Stable form tracking.
    Consistency is key when evaluating marketing results. There is nothing more frustrating than setting up your conversion tracking, and then one small change happens on a website and you find missing form conversion data. WhatConverts continues tracking as long as the form name doesn't change.
  3. Detailed Lead Data.
    Google Analytics Iframe Form Tracking is more accurately Conversion Tracking. Google Analytics tracks conversion goals, you will know an action was taken, such as a form being submitted. What they can't tell you is if the form lead was good, bad or ugly.
    WhatConverts captures the complete lead with all the marketing and lead information.
  4. Lead Management.
    When evaluating marketing, you need to know the content of the leads. Sometimes viewing leads with a client helps identify if the leads were sufficiently targeted. Without a lead management system, this is a cumbersome process and is often missed. We store all leads, and they can be managed instantly (or a year or two down the road). See more on our Lead Management

Our help documents can help you set up Tracking Forms in Iframes and Setting Up Form Submission Goals in Google Analytics.

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