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Acuity Scheduling Integration

WhatConverts integrates your Acuity Scheduling Calendar using Zapier for lead tracking for scheduled appointments.

1Create an Acuity Intake Form in the Acuity Dashboard by selecting “Business Settings” then “Intake Form Questions“. Click on “New Form” and give the new form a name called Traffic Source.

Acuity Intake Form to integrate lead tracking

2Add a textbox field for each of the following elements: source, medium, campaign, content, keyword and gclid. Click the box “This form is for internal use only, don’t show it to client” and select the checkbox for your appointment type under Show this form when scheduling.

Acuity Traffic Source TextBox to integrate Lead Tracking
3Open a text editor program such as Notepad and copy and paste the following code:

<iframe width="100%" height="800" frameBorder="0" id="online-booking"></iframe>
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
    var final_url = '';
    cookie = oqhaqzwnbjgcpycneryg('wc_client');
    if (cookie) {
        var cookie_parts = cookie.split('+..+');
        if (cookie_parts[0])
            final_url += '&field:SourceIDNumber='+cookie_parts[0];
        if (cookie_parts[1])
            final_url += '&field:MediumIDNumber='+cookie_parts[1];
        if (cookie_parts[2])
            final_url += '&field:CampaignIDNumber='+cookie_parts[2];
        if (cookie_parts[3])
            final_url += '&field:ContentIDNumber='+cookie_parts[3];
        if (cookie_parts[4])
            final_url += '&field:KeywordIDNumber='+cookie_parts[4];
        if (cookie_parts[5])
            final_url += '&field:GclidIDNumber='+cookie_parts[5];
        if (cookie_parts[6])
            final_url += '&field:LandingPageIDNumber='+cookie_parts[6];
        if (cookie_parts[8])
            final_url += '&field:MsclkidIDNumber='+cookie_parts[8];

4Replace the number fields with the unique ID numbers from the intake form. In Acuity, right click the textbox for “Source” and click “Inspect“. Replace SourceIDNumber in your text file with the number that follows name=. In the example below, you would replace the field with 4178402.

Acuity Source ID number to integrate lead tracking

Repeat the previous step for each of the custom fields.

5To get your personal Owner ID, in Acuity Scheduling, go to “Client Scheduling Page“, “Scheduling Page Link” and select “Embed Scheduler“. Inside of the embed code, locate “?owner=####”. Copy the number and replace it in the code in your text file.

6Replace Acuity Embed Scheduler Code on your website with the customized embed code.

7Go to Zapier and click “Make a Zap“. Select Acuity as the trigger application and “New Appointment” as the trigger (selecting the appointment type and calendar are optional). Follow through the remaining steps for Acuity.

Acuity Trigger in Zapier

Select “WhatConverts” as the Action application. Choose “Create Lead” to send the Acuity information to WhatConverts. Connect your WhatConverts with your API key and click “Continue“. On the Set Up Template step, select “Web Form” as the Lead Type. Map Referrer Source, Referrer Medium, Referrer Campaign, Referrer Content, Referrer Keyword and Gclid to the correlated Acuity intake form values.

Referrer Information

8Test your steps to confirm the connection.