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If you’re using to capture and screen callers, you might want to know which marketing sources are delivering those calls. The same is true for chats. Integrating with WhatConverts will allow you to see the marketing data behind chats and phone calls.

With WhatConverts call forwarding, you can send your calls to while allowing WhatConverts to track every lead back to the marketing source. It's as simple as setting your number as your destination number.

If you're trying to track chat leads, you'll use Zapier to set up the integration with WhatConverts.

If you're trying to track phone call leads, click here to see how to set up call forwarding between WhatConverts and

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Whatconverts Features for your Business
Instant Triggered Webhook Data
Analytics & Insights Instant Triggered Webhook Data

The instant a lead is received, the data trigger can send webhook data to your CRM.

Call Tracking Conversion Software
Lead Tracking Call Tracking Conversion Software

Purchase numbers to use with your call tracking conversion software.

Keyword Level Call Tracking Software
Lead Tracking Keyword Level Call Tracking Software

Improve PPC by knowing which keywords led to phone calls and became conversions.

Call Tracking Options
Lead Tracking Call Tracking Options

Choose one of three strategies for your call tracking software.

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