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Call & Lead Tracking

Phone Call Tracking

  • Dynamic Phone Number Insertion. Using DPNI we track calls on your website by dynamically swapping out your telephone number for a tracking number assigned to a traffic source or keyword.
  • Keyword & Campaign Level Tracking. Keyword and campaign data appended to each call received.
  • Instant Telephone Selection. Choose your telephone number and start tracking calls immediately.
  • Simple Setup. A few clicks and you’re ready.
  • Easy Tracking. Choose to track by traffic source or campaign.
  • Call Recording. Record phone calls for lead qualification or training. Choose the phone numbers you want to record.
  • Call Greeting Message. Automated greeting for caller.
  • Call Whisper Message. Message for party receiving the call
Phone Call Tracking

Web Form Tracking

  • Instant Form Tracking. Track existing forms. No form changes needed.
  • Additional Form Data. Automatically record and save traffic source, medium, campaign and more with each form submission.
  • Complete Lead Detail. All form data stored for reporting, evaluation and sales tracking.
  • Keyword & Campaign Level Tracking. Keyword and campaign data appended to each form lead received.
Web Form Tracking

Additional Tracking

  • E-Commerce Tracking. Track all of your e-commerce transactions.
  • Chat Tracking. Track all of your website chat sessions.
  • Event Tracking. Track custom events that happen on your website like downloads and video plays.

Real-Time Reporting

Reporting Beyond Analytics. Business reports that web analytics can't give you.

  • Total Leads Report. See total leads tracked by method and source
  • Quotable Leads Report.
  • Quote & Sales Value Report.

Measure more meaningful metrics. Business value reported by marketing source.

  • Total Leads. See all leads generated from you marketing
  • Quotable or Qualified Leads. Simply qualify leads with one click
  • Quote & Sales Value. Add a quote value and sales value to a lead, even for long sales cycles.
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Lead Management

Manage Leads. Use real business value and manage all your leads in one place.

  • Lite Lead Management. Store and keep track of phone calls, web form leads, chat sessions and more.
  • Manage Leads. Web forms, phone calls, e-commerce transactions, chat sessions and more in a central report tied to their marketing source.
  • Simple Search. Easily search for leads and quotes by name, company email or telephone number.
  • Field Mapping. Map fields from different form into a common reporting columns.

Lead and Contact Qualification. Not all calls or form submission are qualified leads.

  • Add Business Value. Our simple feedback loop allows you or client to rate leads and add business value.
  • One Click Qualification. Using our simple feedback loop easily qualify calls, forms and chats.
  • Simple Messaging. After each lead you receive a a quick email asking "Is this a quotable/qualified lead?" Click Yes or No and you're done.
  • Track Sales. Keep track of sales from the orginial source, even on long sales cycles. All sales tied to marketing source and method.
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