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Troubleshooting DNS Configuration for White Label Instances

The white label instance provides a completely branded version of the WhatConverts platform. In order to setup the white label instance click here and select “Create White Label Instance“.

Once you begin the setup for the white label instance you will see the domain records that need to be added in order to activate it. These domain records will be manage with your DNS provider. If you are having issues adding these records with your DNS provider, see below for possible solutions.

Domain uses CAA restrictions

A Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) record is used to specify which certificate authorities (CAs) are allowed to issue certificates for a domain. If you have a CAA record enabled on your primary domain being used for the white label instance, you will need to add an additional record in order for us to setup the white label.

This record name will be your domain “leads.yourdomain.com” with the record type being “CAA” and the record value “amazonaws.com”.

DNS configuration with Cloudflare

Cloudflare provides managed DNS solutions. When adding new domain records with Cloudflare a setting for “Proxy” may be enabled. The proxy setting, when turned on, will prevent the white label instance from being created. In Cloudflare an orange cloud will indicate this setting is turned on. A grey cloud icon ensures traffic for the DNS record Name is not proxied to Cloudflare.

Duplicate domain name appended to records

Some DNS providers will automatically append the domain name to your domain records. For example, if you are trying to add a domain record “leads.yourdomain.com”, this will result in the record being published as “leads.yourdomain.com.yourdomain.com”. To fix this issue simply remove the TLD domain “.yourdomain.com” from the record. So the resulting record that is added with your DNS provider will be “leads”.

DNS Provider does not allow Underscores

A DNS provider may not allow underscores in domain records. If this is the case with your provider then please contact us at support@whatconverts.com.