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Phone Call

This article will give you example data format for a new completed phone call that is received and a POST request as JSON sent to your webhook URL.

  "trigger": "new",
  "lead_id": 153928,
  "user_id": "51497-af17340d-62b8-3044-423f-3dc754e621c2",
  "lead_type": "Phone Call",
  "lead_status": "Unique",
  "date_created": "2016-02-01T14:09:01Z",
  "quotable": "Not Set",
  "quote_value": null,
  "sales_value": null,
  "profile": "My Profile",
  "profile_id": 51497,
  "account_id": 27313,
  "lead_url": "",
  "landing_url": "",
  "operating_system": "iOS 12",
  "browser": "Chrome Mobile 71",
  "device_type": "Smartphone",
  "device_make": "Apple iPhone",
  "call_status": "Completed",
  "phone_name": "Google AdWords",
  "call_duration": "3 minutes and 22 seconds",
  "call_duration_seconds": 202,
  "tracking_number": "+17044486577",
  "destination_number": "+17045436123",
  "caller_number": "+18033861858",
  "caller_name": "WHATCONVERTS",
  "caller_city": "Charlotte",
  "caller_state": "NC",
  "caller_zip": "28226",
  "caller_country": "US",
  "answer_status": "Answered",
  "line_type": "Landline",
  "recording": "",
  "play_recording": "",
  "voicemail": "",
  "play_voicemail": "",
  "call_transcription": "Hello, thanks for calling.",
  "voicemail_transcription": "Please call me back at 5432245114.",
  "additional_fields": {
    "menu_1": "Sales",
  "lead_source": "google",
  "lead_medium": "cpc",
  "lead_campaign": "lead generation",
  "lead_content": "new ad",
  "lead_keyword": "generating leads",
  "ip_address": "",
  "gclid": "CLibmtmqpNICFcSfGwodQbUAvg",
  "msclkid": "25d83debf85f146b8f1d66a754c6a56c",
  "salesforce_user_id": "15228103840",
  "duplicate": false,
  "spam": false

For additional information on setting up webhooks see Webhooks.