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Tracking Web Forms

WhatConverts has been designed to be as simple and easy as possible to track your existing web forms. Some users have been asked us how we track their web forms without replacing their existing forms.

There are two things you have to do that will allow WhatConverts to track your existing web forms:

  • Add Your Tracking Script. If you haven’t added your WhatConverts tracking script to your website, add your tracking script. In the script, you will see your¬†tracking code that is a unique identifier. This allows us to identify your profile.
  • Identify Your Web Forms. We need a “form name“, “form action“, “form id” or “form class” to know which form(s) to track. Once we know what forms to track, our script picks up the information submitted and adds them to your WhatConverts profile.

How To Track Web Forms With WhatConverts

1Login to WhatConverts and select your profile. If you have only one profile, this will be selected automatically.
2Select the “Tracking” menu item. Click “Web Forms“.
Form Tracking
3Click the “Add Web Form” button.
Add Web Form
4Add the URL of the page that contains the form you want to track.¬†Our form finder will identify the forms available. Note that we will also find Search Bar forms and Email Subscribe forms on the page. We recommend adding a contact or lead/quote request forms. The Form ID highlighted in yellow is the form we want to add. Click the “Add” button.
Form ID attribute has been highlighted in yellow for Form Tracking

    Note: WhatConverts uses Form Attributes of either the ID, Name, Class or Action to track your forms. Some form builders will use the same attribute value for all the forms on your site. If this is the case, you will see an error that reads “Web Form Already Exists.” This simply means the attribute value has already been added.

5You will then see the forms you have added for tracking listed on the Web Forms page.Forms inside of WhatConverts for Form Tracking
6On your dashboard, you will see the No leads found message until we have received a web form submission. Go ahead and test your form by filling in the form on your website and submitting. The No lead found will disappear and you’ll see the form submission listed on your dashboard.
No leads found