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Form Tracking for Squarespace

Tracking your forms in WhatConverts from your Squarespace Store is a quick and easy addition to get the most from your WhatConverts account and your marketing.

After adding your WhatConverts Tracking Code, you can start tracking your forms in a few clicks.

1Locate the form(s) you would like to track in your SquareSpace page. Right-click the page and select “View Page Source“. Locate “Form Action” as shown below and Copy the Action Attribute.

Form Action for SquareSpace

2In your WhatConverts profile, select “Tracking” then “Web Forms“. At the top of the page, click “+ Add Web Form“. Click “Advanced Integration“. Give your form a name, select “Action” from the drop-down menu beside Attribute Type and paste the Action Attribute into the Attribute Type Value field. Click “Add“.

    Note: Don’t include the quotation marks in the Attribute Type Value field.

Add Square2pace action form

3Go back to the page your form is on. Fully refresh the page and send a test submission through. Go to your WhatConverts Dashboard and find your test form submission.

Form Test