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    Help Center Lead Tracking Call Tracking

    Setting Up Tracking Numbers

    1In your WhatConverts profile, select "Tracking" from the top menu. Select "Calls", then "Phone Numbers".

    Where to find phone numbers in WhatConverts

    2Click "+ Add Phone Number". To track your website's calls, select, "Typical Setup" and click "Next Step". Follow the guide to determine how many numbers you'll need for your website, choose the Country, Phone Number Type (Local or Toll Free) and Area Code and click "Find Numbers". Your numbers will be preselected. Review the numbers and click "Next Step".

    Phone Number Setup Page

    3The next few prompts will guide you through setting up these tracking numbers to ensure you have all the features that you're looking for:

    • Call Recording
    • Call Greetings (a message that is played to the caller)
    • Call Whisper (a message that is played to the call recipient)
    • Tracking Text Messages
    • Call Transcription
    • PCI Redaction

    Once you are satisfied with the settings you've chosen, click "Finish".

    4You'll be taken to your Phone Numbers page where you can review or edit your numbers.

    If your Destination Number is different than the phone number that is shown on your website, you can edit your Swap Number (the number that WhatConverts looks for to change out on your site) by clicking on the "Edit Pool" button. This can be found by hovering over the Source.

    Edit dynamic number pool button

    If you have any questions, please contact us here: Contact WhatConverts Support or email

    The first step to tracking leads from phone calls is to set up a tracking phone number for your page.

    1Go to your WhatConverts dashboard, click on "Tracking" in the left-hand menu and select "Phone Numbers". On the Phone Numbers page, select "Add Phone Number".

    Getting started with Call Tracking Numbers

    2A pop-up will prompt you to select either a "Local" or "Toll-Free Number". Choose the area code you wish your number to have. Hit "Search" and a list of available numbers are returned along with their city and state.

    Phone Number Select

    3Select the number(s) you would like to use, click "Buy Number". This is your Tracking Number and it is now set to your profile.

    Buy a Phone Number

    4Assign a Name and Destination Number. It can be anything you wish to name this number. A good practice is to keep the Name relevant to the traffic source; we are using Google Ads here.

    The Destination Number is the number (typically your main business number) that your newly acquired Tracking Number will forward the call to when connected.

    Google Ads Tracking Number

    5Set a Traffic Source for your tracking number. In this case, we want to target Google Ads visitors. Google Ads is tracked as "Google/Paid" in WhatConverts.


      • In Google Analytics, Google Ads appears as "

    google / cpc


    Set a Source to trigger your tracking number

    6Set a Swap Number. This is the number on your site that will be switched out with the Tracking Number when a visitor comes from the traffic source you specify, in this case, it's Google Ads. Once you have chosen your swap number, click "Update".
    Set a Swap Number

    We now have our new tracking number that is set up to display for Google Ads visitors. When the tracking number is called, it will forward to our destination number. This will automatically switch out the swap number you set with the tracking number whenever a visitor comes from Google Ads. Therefore, anytime a user visits from Google Ads and calls your new number, you will be able to see that the call was generated from Google Ads.

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