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Shopify Integration

WhatConverts integrates with Shopify to send your transactions directly into your WhatConverts Dashboard.

Add the WhatConverts Script to your Shopify Site

1Login to your Shopify site. Under Sales Channels, click “Online Store” and select “Themes“. Next to your current theme, click “Customize“.

How to change a Shopify Theme

2In the bottom left side of the Customization page, click “Theme Actions” and select “Edit code”.

Edit the code of a Shopfiy Page

3Under Sections locate and select “(/)header.liquid“. Paste your WhatConverts tracking script before the last {% endif %}.

    Note: Your WhatConverts tracking script can be found in your WhatConverts Dashboard under your Profile by selecting “Settings” and “Tracking Code” from the left side menu.

Header Edit of a Shopify Page

Click “Save“.

Add Transaction Tracking Code to Shopify

1Go to your Shopify Admin page. Select “Settings” from the bottom left menu. In the Settings menu, select “Checkout“.

Checkout Settings of a Shopify Page

2Under the Order Processing section, paste the following under Additional Scripts:

<script src="//"></script>
{% if first_time_accessed %}
<script type="text/javascript">
var total_price = {{ checkout.total_price }}*.01;
var tax_price = {{ checkout.tax_price }}*.01;
var shipping_price = {{ checkout.shipping_price }}*.01;
'{{ checkout.order_id }}',
'Email Address': '{{ }}'
{% endif %}

Replace “#####” with your WhatConverts Profile ID. Click “Save“.