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Calendly Integration

Integrating your Calendly appointment calendar on your site with WhatConverts lets you see all of your incoming appointments and their source in your WhatConverts dashboard. You’ll first need a Zapier account to get started.

1Go to the page your Calendly appointment scheduler is on. Right-click and select “Inspect”. Copy the iframe Source URL. Paste the URL to an empty Text file.

Iframe ID

2Paste this code onto the page where your Calendly page is located (above the Calendly installation code). Make sure to replace TheCopiedIFrameSourceURL with the iframe Source URL from Step 1.

    <iframe id="iframe-website" width="100%" height="800" frameborder="0"></iframe>
    <script type="text/javascript">

Refresh your page and submit a test appointment.

3Go to Zapier and create a zap with “Calendly” as your Trigger app and “Invitee Created” as the Trigger. Connect your Calendly account and click “Continue“. Test Calendly to see your test appointment. Click “Continue“.

4Add an Action Step with “WhatConverts” as the Action App and “Create Lead” as the Action. Connect your WhatConverts account.

Set up your WhatConverts Lead with the following:

Set up calendly lead

    Lead Type: “Web Form
    Profile: Select your WhatConverts Profile
    Referrer Source: “Tracking UTM Source
    Referrer Medium: “Tracking UTM Medium
    Referrer Campaign: “Tracking UTM Campaign
    Referrer Content: “Tracking UTM Content
    Referrer Keyword: “Tracking UTM Term
    Additional Fields: Add any additional fields that you will want to track

Click “Continue“. Review your information and click “Send Test to WhatConverts“. Click “Finish“. Name and turn your Zap “On“.