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PipelineDeals Integration

PipelineDeals is a web-based Sales CRM and pipeline management tool. WhatConverts integrates with PipelineDeals through Zapier to send leads directly into the CRM software.

The first step for integrating WhatConverts with PipelineDeals is to create a Zapier account and connect your WhatConverts account. Click on the following for instructions on how to connect WhatConverts with Zapier.

Sending Call Leads to PipelineDeals

1In PipelineDeals, click on “Account Settings” and choose “Custom Fields” in the left-hand menu. Click “Person fields” and click “+ New Person Field“. Select “Numeric Field“, name the field Lead ID and click “Save“.

Create Numeric Person Field

2Go to Zapier, click “Make a Zap” and select “WhatConverts” as your Trigger App and “New Lead” as the Trigger. Click “Continue“.
WhatConverts as Trigger
Connect your WhatConverts account to Zapier or select your WhatConverts account, select your WhatConverts profile; continue to the Customize Lead page.

On the Customize Lead page, select “Yes” only for “Phone Calls (completed)“. Select your profile from the drop down and click “Continue“. Select “Test and Review“. Once the test is successful and you are satisfied with the lead, click “Continue“.

3Create an Action step. Select “PipelineDeals” as your Action App. Select “Create Person” as the Action. Click “Continue“. Connect your PipelineDeals account; click “Continue“. On the Set up PipelineDeals person page select the following:

First Name: “Caller Name
Last Name: “Caller Name
Phone: “Caller Number
Work City: “Caller City
Work State: “Caller State
Summary: Type the following and select the fields from the drop down: Source, Medium, Campaign, Content, Keyword, Lead Page and Landing Page
Lead ID: “Lead ID

Set up PipelineDeals Person

Click “Continue” then “Send Test to PipelineDeals“.