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Mapping Fields

WhatConverts captures form submissions from existing forms on a website. Mapping your form fields allows you to see the fields, sort and organize all from the convenience of your WhatConverts dashboard.

1Identify the Field Value that you have in your form you want to map by looking at the Lead Details in your WhatConverts Dashboard that was from a submitted form. In the example below, the field we are going to map is “Favorite Color“.
Custom Field

2In the left side menu, click “Settings” and select “Field Mapping“.

Field Mapping

Click the green “+ Add Field Mapping Value” button.

Add Field Mapping Value

3Enter the name of the field you want to map and click “Add“.

Add Field Value

4Under Mapped Fields, find the unmapped field from your form, click the drop-down menu and select the field you created.
Match the field

5Go to your WhatConverts dashboard and you will see the new mapped value displaying as a column.
New Mapped Field

You can also select and de-select this (and your other fields) by clicking the “Column” drop-down and clicking the check box next to the field under “Mapped Fields“.

Column Selection