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Tracking Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a Form Creation Tool for WordPress. In this document, we are going to show you how to track Ninja Forms inside of WhatConverts. You will first want to make sure that your WhatConverts tracking script is installed in WordPress.

1On the page where your Ninja Form is located, add the following script before the form is loaded on your page:

<script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(function() { jQuery('form').addClass('contact-form'); }); </script>

2Go to the page your form is on, right click the form’s “Submit Button” and click “Inspect“. Locate the “ID” of the Button and copy it down into a note. For the example below, the ID is “nf-field-14“.

Alternate Submit Button

3Log into WhatConverts and select your account and/or profile. Select “Tracking” from the sub menu, and click on “Web Forms” from the left side menu.
Click the green “Add Web Form” button, and select “Advanced Integration” from the pop up. Enter a “Form Name” that matches the form that you want to track. Select Attribute TypeClass“, and enter the Attribute Type Value as “contact-form“. Under Alternate Submit Button section, change the the Attribute Type to “ID” then paste the value copied in the previous step. Click the “Add” button.

Advanced Form Integration

4Navigate back to your website, fill out the form and submit. Return to your WhatConverts dashboard and your form submission will be displayed.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.57.21 PM

Troubleshooting Ninja Forms.

If you do not receive a successful form submission and you have followed the above steps, email support@whatconverts.com with the URL (website address) where the form is located. We’ll add it for you.