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Setting up a Simple Menu Call Flow

WhatConverts now allows you to set up a call flow to grab more data from your incoming phone calls. A Call Flow can help you manage how calls are routed for business hours, location of the caller, intentions of the caller (sales or support for example) and more.

A Simple Menu Call Flow will route your calls to a specific department or person within your, or your clients’, organization. WhatConverts records and reports on the menu options selected.

How to Set up a Simple Menu Call Flow

1Log in to your WhatConverts Dashboard. Under Profile, select “Tracking“, “Phone Calls“. When the Phone Calls drop down opens, select “Call Flows“.

Call Flows Selection for Call Routing

2At the top of the page, select “+ Add Incoming Call Flow” at the top of the page.

Incoming Call Flow for Call Routing

3Select “Simple Menu” to set up a Simple Menu with editable options to route your calls to different destination numbers.

Simple Menu Call Flow Example

  1. Toggle the Call Recording step “On” or “Off“.
      Note: Please be aware that call recording laws are applied at state, federal and county level, please refer to the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. You may need to apply a message that states the call is being recorded.
  2. Edit the Menu step by clicking the “Edit” icon in the top left of the module. Enter the Prompt (or append your recording) you would like played to the caller that tells them what to press (or say) to reach their desired destination within your organization.

    Choose your Response Type to determine if you would like callers to be able to press a key, say a trigger word or both to identify their selection. Finally, enter the values you would like the caller to be able to use; by default, the values are set as “1” and “2“.

    Choose your Timeout (the number of seconds the menu will wait before playing again or moving onto the next step), a message if there is no response and how many times to repeat this menu. Click “Update“.
    Simple Menu Options

  3. Edit your Dial steps. Click the “Edit” icon in the top left of the Dial module. Give your module a Name that identifies the step, Select your Dial Type by choosing “Direct Call“, “Multi-Ring” (to call multiple phone numbers at the same time) or “Round Robin” (to call numbers in a sequence).

    Enter the “Destination Number” of your step. Choose your Timeout (the number of seconds the Dial step will ring before moving onto the next step), which Caller ID that the recipient will be shown, a Call Whisper option and if you have a Post Call Flow. Click “Update” and repeat for all the dial steps for your menu.

  4. Edit the “Voicemail” step for unanswered calls. Select the “Edit” icon in the top left of the module. Give your module a Name that identifies the step, choose whether you would like the prompt to “Say Message” or “Play Recording“. Choose if you would like for your voicemail to play a Beep and select the maximum length of the voicemail message. Click “Update“.

4Scroll to the top of your Simple Menu Call Flow, “name” your call flow and click “Save Call Flow“.

5Apply your Call Flow to your tracking number by looking under your Profile, select “Tracking“, “Phone Calls” and “Phone Numbers“. Click the “Gear Icon” at the end of the row to edit your tracking number(s).

Edit your tracking numbers

Under Call Routing, select “Call Flow” and choose your new Call Flow from the drop down menu. Click “Update“.