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BigCommerce Integration

Send BigCommerce Transactions to WhatConverts

1Add your WhatConverts tracking script to your BigCommerce site. In the BigCommerce Control Panel, click “Storefront” on the left side menu. Select “Script Manager“. Click “Create a Script“. In the Edit Script page, give your script a name and description. Select “Head” for Location on page, “All pages” for Pages where script will be added and “Script” for Script type. Paste your WhatConverts Tracking Script in the Script Contents section. Click “Save“.

2Go to your BigCommerce Control Panel and select “Advanced Settings”. Select “Affiliate Conversion Tracking”. Paste the following in Conversion Tracking Code:

<script type="text/javascript">
 'Email Address': '%%ORDER_EMAIL%%'

Click “Save“.

Sending Sales Values from BigCommerce to WhatConverts

Through a connection with Zapier, you can integrate your BigCommerce account with WhatConverts to send sales values into existing leads.

To integrate WhatConverts with BigCommerce, a Zapier account is required. Click on the following for instructions on how to connect WhatConverts with Zapier.
1Select “BigCommerce” as your Trigger App and “New Order” as the trigger. Connect your BigCommerce account and click “Done Editing“. Click “Do this…” to create a next step.

2Select “WhatConverts” and “Find Lead” as the Search Action, click “Continue“.

Find Lead in WhatConverts

In the template, make sure to add “+1” to the beginning of Caller Number to find the number in E164 format, select the “Billing Address Phone” from your BigCommerce step. Click “Continue” then “Test & Continue“.

Caller Number Field to find in Zapier for BigCommerce Call Tracking Integration

3Add one additional Action Step. Select “WhatConverts” as the Action App and “Update Lead” as your Action. Select your “WhatConverts profile” and click “Continue” to setup the template.

    Lead ID: select “Use a Custom Value (advanced)” from the drop down menu.
    Custom Value for Lead ID ID: Select “Step 2” and choose the “Lead ID“.
    Quotable: Select “Yes“.
    Sales Value: Choose “Step 1” and then choose the “Total (Excluding Tax)” or “Subtotal (Excluding Tax)“.

WhatConverts Zapier BigCommerce Integration Template

Click “Continue“. Review the information you’re sending to WhatConverts, click “Test & Continue“. Give your Zap a Name and turn the Zap “On“. When a sale comes into BigCommerce after a customer calls your business, you are now able to update the sales value automatically in the WhatConverts lead.