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Zoho CRM Integration

Before connecting WhatConverts to Zoho CRM, you first need to create an account in Zoho and create a Zapier account, if you don’t already have them.

1Go to Zapier and click “Make a Zap“. Select “WhatConverts” as your Trigger App and “New Lead” as your Trigger. Connect your WhatConverts account.

On the Customize Lead page, select “Yes” for the leads that you would like to send to Zoho CRM. Select your WhatConverts Profile you are integrating with Zoho CRM from the final drop down menu. Click “Continue“.

    Note: Make sure to select “Yes” for one of the Phone Call options to eliminate duplicates from being sent into your CRM.

On the Find Data page, click “Test & Review” to review the sample leads or click “Test & Continue” to automatically select a lead and continue through to the next step.

2Click “+” to add an Action Step. Select “Zoho CRM” as the Action App and “Create Lead” as the Action. On the Choose Account page, select your Zoho CRM account or Link your Zoho account to Zapier. Click “Continue“.

3On the Customize Lead page, select the Layout from the first drop down and match the Zoho CRM Lead Fields to your WhatConverts Sample Lead.

    Company: “Caller Name
    First Name and Last Name: “Caller Name
    Phone: “Caller Number
    City: “Caller City
    State: “Caller State
    Zip: “Caller Zip
    Country: “Caller Country

Description: Type in the following then chooose the counterpart from the drop down

    Source: “Source
    Medium: “Medium
    Campaign: “Campaign
    Content: “Content
    Keyword: “Keyword
    Landing Page: “Landing URL
    Lead Page: “Lead URL
    Duration: “Call Duration
    Call Recording (If enabled: “Play Recording URL
    Call Transcription (If enabled): “Call Transcription

ZohoCRM customize lead

Click “Continue“. On the Send Data page, select “Test & Continue“. Turn your Zap “On” and give your Zap a name.