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    Difference between Calls from Ads and WhatConverts Conversions in Google Ads

    When using Call Extensions or Call Only Ads in addition to having WhatConverts on your website, in Google Ads, you will notice that there are different conversion actions for these two types of conversions.

    The "Calls from Ads" conversion action is created when someone calls your Call Extension or clicks on a Call Only Ad. This conversion action is reported directly from Google Ads and is not generated from Call Extension or Call Only Ad call leads from WhatConverts.

    In most cases, once you integrate your WhatConverts profile to a Google Ads account, you'll see a conversion action called "Leads (#####)" (this is the default conversion action name where ##### is replaced by your WhatConverts profile ID). This is the conversion action we send conversion into.

    Why would I see differing conversions for the Calls from Ads conversion action than I see calls to a Call Extension or Call Only phone number in my WhatConverts profile?

    Google Ads will count a conversion to a Call Only ad or Call Extension if you have call reporting on and the call length is at least the time you've set up to count the conversion. You also must have met the threshold of clicks in a 4 week period for Google to show and report your call conversions (for Desktop).

    You may see a difference in the number of Call Extension or Call Only Ads calls in WhatConverts and Google Ads due to the settings of your conversion action.

      Example: If your conversion is set to only count a conversion for calls over 1 minute, you will still see all of the calls under 1 minute in your WhatConverts account, but will not see any conversions in Google Ads for calls under 1 minute.

    It's important to keep in mind, WhatConverts is reporting on all calls to your tracking numbers, regardless of duration.

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