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Formidable Form Tracking

Formidable Forms provides WordPress based contact forms, surveys, quiz forms, registration forms, payment forms, purchase forms, email marketing forms, calculator forms and more.

You can quickly connect your Formidable Form to WhatConverts to start tracking in a few simple steps.

1Log into your WhatConverts dashboard. Under the Profile you would like to set your Formidable Form in, select “Tracking” then “Web Forms“. Click “+ Add Web Form” at the top of the page.

2In the pop up, paste the URL your Formidable Form is located on and click “Search“. In the list of forms you see, click “Add” next to the form where you see class=frm-show-form.

Formidable Form Tracking

You can also edit the form name to identify which form you set up:

1Locate the form in your Form List. Click the “gear icon” to edit the form.
Note: The Form Name by default is “Form Date the Form was Added“.

Edit a Form Name

2In the Form Name Field, edit the field to identify the form. In the example below, the form is the Side bar Contact form. Click “Update“.

Edit Form Name

Note: Don’t change the Attribute Type or Attribute Type Value when editing the Form Name. This will cause your form not to track.