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Tracking Clicks Using Event Tracking

You can use custom event tracking to define and report actions such as a user sign-up,¬†email links or specific buttons on your website.¬†Embedding a line of code into the button that the user clicks will result in the event and the user’s marketing data being sent to WhatConverts. This will display that data on your dashboard as an event lead. Below is an example of a Click Event that tracked in WhatConverts

Event Click on the WhatConverts Dashboard

    Note:The WhatConverts tracking script needs to be installed on the page before the example event script below.

Here is an example of how to track a click using the event script:

<a onclick="wc_event_ypbib('Lead','Click','Example Text on Button');">Example Text on Button</a>

You will need to include the other parts of the <a> tag, and make sure to change the text in bold to match the event text of the click you are tracking.