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Textline Integration

Textline is a CRM service that allows businesses to receive, respond and allocate text messages to agents. WhatConverts uses Zapier to integrate with Textline.

To integrate WhatConverts with Textline, a Zapier account is required. Click on the following for instructions on how to connect WhatConverts with Zapier.

1Send a Text Message to one of your WhatConverts tracking numbers to get a test Text Message Lead.

2Go to Zapier and click “Make a Zap” and select “WhatConverts” as your Trigger App. Select “New Lead” and click “Save + Continue“. Connect your WhatConverts account, select your profile from the drop down menu, click “Continue“, test your account by clicking “Fetch + Continue“. Once the test is successful, click “Continue”

4Select “Filter” as the Action Step. Select “Only Continue if…” then click “Continue“. From the drop downs, select Only Continue if… “Lead Type” “(Text) Exactly matches” “Text Message” (You will have to type in Text Message). Click “Test + Continue

Filter Text Message

5Click the “+” button below the Filter Step to add an Action Step. Select “Textline” as your Action App. Select “Create/Update Contact” and click “Continue“. Connect your Textline account and set up the template with the following:

    Phone Number: Caller Number
    Name: Caller Name
    Notes: Source, Medium, Campaign, Keyword Lead URL, Landing Page URL and Lead ID (All as formatted below)

Text Template

You can test your step, then click “Continue“.

6Add one more Action Step and select Textline as your Action App. Under Create, select “Import Contact Message” and click “Save + Continue“. Connect your Textline account and set up the template.

    Phone Number: Select Step 3 (Create/Update Contact), Select “Contact Phone Number
    Department: Select the Textline Number/Department the lead is being sent to.
    Message Body: Select Step 1 (New Lead), Select “Message“.

Final Step
Click “Save” then “Send Test to Textline“. Name and turn on your Zap.