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Sakari SMS Integration

WhatConverts uses Zapier to integrate with Sakari SMS, a software used to send text message campaigns to your contacts.

Integrating WhatConverts with Sakari SMS is easy if you would like to capture lead information from a form on your site and send out text messages to your contact.

    Note: Make sure that your form is already tracking within WhatConverts.

1Go to Zapier, click “Make a Zap” and select “WhatConverts” as your Trigger App and “New Lead” as the Trigger. Click “Continue“.

WhatConverts as Trigger App in Zapier

Connect your WhatConverts account to Zapier or select your WhatConverts account. On the Set Up WhatConverts Lead page, select your WhatConverts profile from the drop down and select “Yes” for Web Forms and “No” for all additional lead types. Continue through, click “Fetch & Continue” and submit a new form to your Web Form where the Text Message Opt-In is.

2Click “…Do This” to add a step on the left side of Zapier and select “Filter by Zapier” as the App. Select “Only continue if…” and click “Continue“. From the first drop down select your field from Step 1 for your Opt In field. In the second drop down select “(Text) Contains” and in the third box type in the validation indication for your Opt In field. Click “Test & Continue“.

In the example below, the validation field is called Additional Fields Acceptance 962 and the validation is 1.

This filter ensures that only users who have chosen to receive the text messages will be passed to the next step.

Filter setup

3Click the “+” button to add an Action Step. Select “Sakari SMS” as the Action App. Select “Send Message” as the Sakari SMS Action. Click “Continue“.

Sakari SMS Send Message

Connect your Sakari SMS account and continue through to the Set up Sakari SMS Message page.

Select your Sakari SMS account from the Account drop down menu. Dynamically insert (using the drop down menus and Step 1), the Mobile number from your Form Submission and match any corresponding data you would like to send to Sakari SMS. Make sure to include the message you would like to be sent to your new contact.

Here is an example:

Set up Sakari Template

Click “Continue“. Send a test to Sakari SMS by clicking “Test & Continue” and turn your Zap “On“.