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Sending Phone Call Leads to Salesforce

Any data that comes through WhatConverts can be connected to Salesforce using Zapier.

1Go to Zapier and make a Zap. Select “WhatConverts” as your Trigger App and “New Lead” as your Trigger. Connect your WhatConverts account and click “Continue“.

On the Customize Lead page, select “Yes” for Phone Calls (completed) and leave all other fields as “no“. In the final drop-down menu, select the WhatConverts Profile you would like to integrate with Salesforce and click “Continue“.

WhatConverts Phone Call Trigger

Make a new test call to your site and “Test & Continue” to receive a phone call lead from WhatConverts and continue to the next step.

2Click “+ to add an Action Step with “Salesforce” as your Action App. Select “Create Lead” as your Action. Click “Continue“. Choose your account from the drop-down menu or connect your Salesforce account and click “Continue“.

On the Customize Lead page, you will see multiple information fields listed. You’re going to match WhatConverts’ data with Salesforce data, by matching up fields. The template is customizable to match any needs. Select the following on the Set up Saleforce Lead page:

  • Last Name: “Caller Name
  • Company: “Caller Name
  • City: “Caller City
  • Country: “Caller Country
  • Phone: “Caller Number
  • State/Province: “Caller State
  • Zip: “Caller Zip

Description: Type in the following then choose the counterpart from the drop down

    Source: “Source
    Medium: “Medium
    Campaign: “Campaign
    Content: “Content
    Keyword: “Keyword
    Landing Page: “Landing URL
    Lead Page: “Lead URL

Create Lead in Salesforce

Click “Continue“. On the Send Test to Salesforce page, click “Test & Continue“. Give your Zap a Name and turn it “On“.

Congratulations! WhatConverts is now connected to Salesforce using Zapier. In Part 3 of this support series, we will check the data on the Salesforce end, and merge any duplicate leads.