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Sending Phone Call Leads to Salesforce

Any data that comes through WhatConverts can be connected to Salesforce using Zapier.

1 To integrate WhatConverts with Salesforce a Zapier account is required. Click on the following for instructions on how to connect WhatConverts with Zapier.

2Add an Action Step. Click “Continue“.  On the menu on the left hand side of the screen, click the large “+”  icon. This will drop down an action menu and display an app selection screen. On that screen, select “Salesforce” as the Action App.

Choosing Salesforce as the Action App in Zapier

3You will be directed to the Select Salesforce Action screen. As your goal is to take a lead in WhatConverts and create a new lead in Salesforce, click the first option “Create Lead“. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save + Continue“.

Create a Lead with Salesforce in Zapier

4On the Select Salesforce Account menu, you can add and test your Salesforce account. Once you have your account has been added and tested, click “Save + Continue“.

Select your Salesforce Account

5On the Template Page, you will see multiple information fields listed. You’re going to match WhatConverts’ data with Salesforce data, by matching up fields. The template is customizable to match any needs. Once you’ve completed matching the fields with the examples, click “Continue“.

Setting up the Salesforce Template inside Zapier

Lead Source Salesforce

Salesforce Template in Zapier

Salesforce Template in Zapier

6On the next screen, Zapier will give you a lead data sample using the template created. If you are satisfied with the information presented, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Finish“.

Successful Test
6The last screen will ask if you’re “Ready to turn on your Zap“. Click the switch to “on” and your Zap is active.

Your Salesforce Zap is working

Congratulations! WhatConverts is now connected to Salesforce using Zapier. In Part 3 of this support series, we will check the data on the Salesforce end, and merge any duplicate leads.