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Why am I not Seeing Phone Call Conversions in Google Ads?

If you are not seeing phone conversions in Google Ads, the most common causes are:

  • Your WhatConverts tracking numbers are not in a Dynamic Number Pool.
  • You have not enabled auto-tagging in Google Ads.
  • You have not added our tracking template onto your Google Ads account.
  • You have not linked WhatConverts with your Google Ads account.

Please see the steps below on how to check for, and fix these issues.

Adding Numbers to a Dynamic Number Pool

1Follow the steps indicated in the article Setting up Tracking Numbers to set up a Dynamic Number Pool.
2Go to your WhatConverts Dashboard. Click on the “Tracking” tab and select “Phone Numbers“.
3Click “Add Dynamic Number Pool“, give your campaign a name and select the source that will trigger the campaign.

4To track Google Ads, select “Search” – “Paid“.
Search - Google Ads Trigger

5Assign numbers to the new Dynamic Number Pool you just created. Click on “Add Phone Number” to setup a new number and assign this number to the keyword tracking campaign.
6Hit “Update“. Repeat this step for each number that is needed.

Enabling Auto-Tagging

1Sign in to your Google Ads account.
2Click the gear icon, and select “Account Settings“.
3Make sure you’re in the Preferences tab, and click “Edit” in the Tracking section.
4On the “URL Options” page, make sure “Auto-tagging” is set to “Yes”.
5Click “Save Changes“.
Get detailed instructions for enabling auto-tagging at Learn How Enable Auto-Tagging in new Google Ads Interface

Adding Tracking Template to Google Ads account

To track phone calls and their corresponding keyword data we need to add a tracking template to your Google Ads account that way we can send keyword data to WhatConverts to attach to each lead. To get started follow the steps below:

1Sign into your Google Ads account.
2Make sure you’re under the “Campaigns” tab.
3On the bottom left hand menu select “Shared Library”.
4Click on “URL Options“.  From this page you will see the “Tracking Template” option, click “Edit“.  Add the following template “{lpurl}?campaign={campaignid}&content={creative}&keyword={keyword}” inside the text box that appears, without the quotation marks, and hit “Save“.
For more detailed instructions, visit Learn How Add Our Tracking Template in new Google Ads Interface

Link WhatConverts with Google Ads Account

WhatConverts needs to be linked to your Google Ads account in order for WhatConverts to send your data to Google Ads. To link your WhatConverts to Google Ads follow the steps below:

1Sign into your WhatConverts account.
2Go to “Integrations” under the left hand navigation bar of your WhatConverts account.
3Select “Google Ads” in the side menu.
4Select the “+ Add Connection” button and link your Google Ads account.

Add Ads

Once you add the connection to your Google Ads account, WhatConverts can send your data directly into your Google Ads account.

If you have used both methods above and are still receiving duplicate form submissions, please reach out to WhatConverts Support at support@whatconverts.com.