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JustUno Form Tracking

JustUno is a popup, special promotions and notifications software platform designed to increase engagement, capture more emails, increase conversions and help companies reduce shopping cart abandonment. You can even run basic contests to increase lead generation and engagement.

To implement the JustUno Forms into WhatConverts, you only need to follow a few additional steps and you’ll be seamlessly tracking your forms in your WhatConverts dashboard.

1Manually add the JustUno form to your WhatConverts account by going to “Tracking“, then “Web Forms“. Click “+ Add Web Form“. Click “Advanced Integration“. Give your form a name and choose “ID” for Form Attribute and then enter “justuno_form” as the Attribute Type Value.

JustUno Form

Copy the Form ID from your list of forms.

JustUno Form ID

2In the same location you have implemented your JustUno code add the following script:

window.ju_custom_event = function(email, eventname, promotitle, step, cmid, options, data){
  if (step==2 && email!=''){
    wc_form_ypbib(#####,{ 'Email': email });

Replace “#####” with your copied Form ID.

3Test your JustUno form, then go back to your WhatConverts dashboard. Your form will be tracked.