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Sending Quote Values to WhatConverts

How to Send Quote Values from Pipedrive back into WhatConverts 

1Add Quote Value to New Deal for a Contact.

Click on a WhatConverts contact in Pipedrive and select “Add New Deal“.
Add New Deal

Add a “Deal Value” and an “Expected Close Date” and press “Save”.

Add Deal Value

Go to “Deals” under the navigation menu and the contact should now be displaying under the Lead In column.

Lead In Column

2Go to Zapier and Connect the Lead ID from the Contact to the New Deal.
Go to Zapier and click “Make a Zap!“. Select “Pipedrive” as your Trigger app and “New Deal” as the trigger.

New Deal

Choose your PipeDrive account (or Connect an Account if you haven’t done so already) and click “Continue“.
Select Pipedrive account

Test this step and click “Continue“.

On the next Zapier step, select “Pipedrive” as your Action app. and under Search, select “Find Person” as your Pipedrive Action.

Find Person

Connect to your Pipedrive account and click “Continue“.

On the Search for Pipedrive Person page, under Field to Search By, click the drop down menu and select “Name“. Under Name, click the drop down and find “Person ID Name“.
Search for Pipedrive Person

Add an additional Zapier Step by clicking the large “+” under the Search step on the left side menu.

Add Step

Select “Pipedrive” as the Action App, click “Show less Common Options” and select “Update Deal” as the Pipedrive Action.
Update Deal

Connect your Pipedrive account and click “Continue.”

In the Set up Pipedrive Updated Deal, edit the fields:

  • Deal: Pull the drop down menu and select “Use a Custom Value (advanced)“.
  • Custom Value for Deal ID: Pull the drop down menu, select “New Deal (step 1)” and choose “ID“.

  • LeadID: Pull the drop down menu, select “Find Person (step 2)” and choose “LeadID“.

Click “Continue”, test the step and click “Finish”. Turn your Zap “On“.

3Go to Zapier and Connect Pipedrive to WhatConverts to send the Quote Value.

Go back to Zapier and select, “Make A Zap” and set your Trigger as “Pipedrive“. Click “Show Less Common Options” and select “Deal Matching Filter” as the trigger.

Pipedrive deal matching filter

Choose your PipeDrive account and click “Continue“.
Select Pipedrive account

Select “All Open Deals” from the drop down menu under Filter and select “Continue”.

Setup PipeDrive Filter

Create an “Action” by selecting “WhatConverts” as an Action within Zapier and select the “Update Lead” radio button.

Update WhatConverts Lead

Connect your WhatConverts Account. Set up the WhatConverts Lead Template with the corresponding attributes below and select “Continue”.

  • Lead ID =  Click the drop-down menu and select “Use A Custom Value (advanced)” and in the Custom Value for Lead ID ID, select “LeadID”.

Pipedrive Lead ID

  • Quotable Yes

Set Quotable Value to Yes

  • Quote Value: Value

Quote Value

Select “Continue” then select “Sent Test to WhatConverts” on the next screen. Once the test is successful, click “Finish“. Name your Zap and turn your Zap “On“. Make sure to provide your zap an easily identifiable name to understand.

4Check WhatConverts for the updated Quote Value.

Go back to your WhatConverts account and the corresponding lead will display an updated quote value.

Updated Quote Value in WhatConverts