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Triggering Goals Based on Call Durations

You can easily modify the goal you have set up in Google Analytics to trigger depending on the length of the call in WhatConverts. For each event sent to Google Analytics, we add a label with the duration like “Duration – 45 Seconds”. So you can add on a regex expression for the goal to check the label depending on how you want to compare to the length of the call.

1Login to your Google Analytics account. Go to “Admin” then under View, click on “Goals“. Find the goal you wish to update and edit the “Goal Details“.

Call Tracking Goal Details

2Under the “Label” change this to “Regular Expression” in the drop down menu. Set the value to [3-9]\d+|\d{3,}. This value will only count calls that have a duration of 30 seconds or higher. You can change the first number, which is 3 to something else if you would like. For example if you wanted only calls that were 60 seconds or higher than you would use [6-9]\d+|\d{3,}. Click “Save” to keep the changes.

RegEx Analytics for Call Duration


If you have followed the instructions above and are still having issues modifying your goals in Google Analytics email and we can answer any questions you may have.