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Instapage Integration

Instapage is a platform that allows for post-click optimization for landing pages. WhatConverts takes your Instapage Landing Pages to the next level with tracking your calls, forms, chats and transactions all in one, convenient dashboard.

Setup your WhatConverts Tracking Script in Instapage

1Go to your WhatConverts dashboard and select the profile you would like to setup from the left-hand side menu. Click “Settings” and “Tracking Code“. Copy the tracking code from the page.

2Log into your Instapage account and open your Landing Page to bring up the page builder.

3In the top right of your page builder, click “Settings“. Select “HTML/CSS“.
4Click “Head” at the top left of your script editor and paste your WhatConverts tracking code into the header of your page.
Instapage Code Insertion

5Click “Publish” to publish the changes to your page.