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Wufoo Form Tracking

Track your Wufoo Web Forms in WhatConverts. Begin by using the HTML/CSS download method when embedding the form on your website.

1When embedding the Wufoo form within your website, use the HTML/CSS download method. click the “Download the HTML/CSS” button.

wufoo form tracking

2Open the “index.html” file in that folder into a text editor, copy the HTML and paste it into the HTML page on your Website.

3Login to WhatConverts and select your profile. If you have only one profile this will be selected automatically. Click the “Tracking” from the left side menu and select “Web Forms”.
Web Forms
4Click the green “Add Web Form” button, select “Advanced Integration“.
Add Web Form Advanced
5Give your form a name, select Attribute TypeClass” and enter Attribute Value as your form is listed in the Wufoo Form Manger page. If the form you wish to add is on the bottom of the list, the Class value would be “form1“. If you wish to add the form above that, it would be “form2” etc.  (We will use “form2” for this example). Click the “Add” button.

Wufoo Form Tracking

6 Test your form by filling in the form on your website and submitting. The “No lead found” will disappear and you’ll see the form submission listed on your WhatConverts dashboard.

Lead Information

Your Wufoo form is now live and tracking. You can now use the CSS file downloaded with your form to style your form.