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Form Tracking with Unbounce

Unbounce is a software that lets businesses and individuals split test landing pages and optimize their advertising budget.

Add Each Form Variant

1Go to the page your form is located on. Right click your form find “<form action =" (this will begin with “/fsg?pageID=)” copy the action element into a notepad document.

2Right-click the submit button and click “Inspect“. Copy the ID of the button. It will be similar to lp-pom-button-## paste that into your notepad.

Alternate Button

3Go to WhatConverts. In your profile, click “Tracking” then “Web Forms“. Click “+ Add Web Form“. In the pop-up window, click “Advanced Integration“. Give your form a name. In the Attribute Type section select “Action” and enter the copied Action attribute into the Attribute Type Value field.

Under the Alternate Submit Button section, select “ID” as the Attribute Type and paste the Alternate Button ID copied in step 2 as the Attribute Type Value. Click “Update“.

4Repeat these steps for each variant of your form.