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Send Web Forms and Chats to SharpSpring

1Add custom fields to your SharpSpring account. Complete Step 1 from the article “Send Phone Call Leads to SharpSpring“.
2Go to Zapier and create a Zap with WhatConverts as the Trigger App and “New Lead” as the Trigger.

WhatConverts as Trigger

Connect your WhatConverts account to Zapier or select your WhatConverts account, select your WhatConverts profile. Continue through, click “Fetch & Continue” to get a sample lead. For this integration, you will want to submit a Web Form test or begin a new Chat.

Test WhatConverts

3Click the “+” icon between your Trigger and Action Steps and add a Filter.
Add Filter to WhatConverts Trigger

Select the “Only Continue if…” option and click “Save + Continue. Set the first field to “Lead Type”, the second field to “(Text) Contains” and the last field to “Form”. Click “+ Or” set the first field to “Lead Type”, the second field to “(Text) Contains” and the last field to “chat” “Test & Continue”.

Web Form Filter

4Add the Action Step and select “SharpSpring” as your Action App. Connect to your SharpSpring account and in the template, connect the following fields:

  • Email Address: Select “Email Address” from the drop-down, your email address field may look differently than shown below.
  • Last Name: Full Name.
  • Lead ID: Lead ID
  • Source: Source
  • Medium: Medium
  • Campaign: Campaign
  • Content: Content
  • Keyword: Keyword
  • Call Recording URL: Play Recording URL
  • Lead Page: Lead URL
  • Landing Page: Landing URL

Note: Your forms may have different field names than shown below. If so, match your fields from the WhatConverts Trigger Step to your Template.

Web Form Template to send to SharpSpring
Click “Continue” and send a test to SharpSpring. When the Zap is successful, click “Finish“, give your Zap a name and turn your Zap on.