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Adding Account Users

An account user can only access the account they are assigned to. If you would like to add a user that has admin access to all the accounts under your Master Account please visit How to Add a Master Account User.

Add an Account User

1From your WhatConverts Dashboard, click “Master Account“. Select “Settings” and “Users“.

Add Account User

2Scroll below Master Account Users and click “+ Add Account User“.

Add account user

3Add the user’s email address. From the drop-down menu, select the account you want to grant access to (if you would like to grant access to multiple accounts, click the “+” button) and check all of the boxes you would like the users to receive notifications for.

Add an Account Users and Select the Account

Click “Add User“. The new user will get an email with activation instructions. Once the user has created a new password, they will be able to access the account(s).