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LeadsBridge Integration

BeforeĀ using either a WhatConverts audience, source or destination in LeadsBridge, you must first integrate your WhatConverts account. To do that follow the steps outlined below.

    Note: The integration with WhatConverts for LeadsBridge requires a Pro or Agency plan.

1Go to and log into LeadsBridge. On the left-hand menu, select “Integrations“.

2Click “+ Add New” at the top of the page, name your integration and select “Browse“. Select “WhatConverts“. Click “Next“.

Choose WhatConverts from the LeadsBridge Integrations

3On the Configure your integration page, enter your API Secret and API Token. To find these values:

  1. Log in to your WhatConverts account, click “Master Account” and “Integrations“. Select “API Keys“.
  2. Click on “Add API Key“.
  3. Your API Token will be generated and appear on the page. Click the “lock” icon to reveal the API Secret.

Enter in any additional custom fields you may need to connect when using your WhatConverts integration. In the example below, we have added “Email“, “Name“, “Additional Phone Number” and “Address“. Click “Finish“.

LeadsBridge WhatConverts Integration with Custom Fields

Your WhatConverts account is now integrated with LeadsBridge and is ready to use in Bridges.