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Troubleshooting Call Tracking Setup

Ensuring Tracking Code Is Installed

It is important that you make sure the Tracking Code has been added to every page of your website. To find if the tracking code is on your page follow these steps:

    1Open your website in a browser of your choice.
    2Right click your mouse and select “View page source“. Press CTRL+F on your keyboard to open the search feature. Enter “scripts.” in the search box.
    3This should take you to the tracking code within the page source and should look something like  <script src=”//scripts.iconnode.com/*****.js”></script>
    4If you do not find the tracking code on your website, you will need to add it. You can find your tracking code in the “Settings” then “Tracking Code” section on the left side menu of your WhatConverts dashboard.

Note: If you have your Tracking Code installed via Google Tag Manager, you will need to check to make sure your Google Tag snippet is on your page.

Clearing Cookies

WhatConverts uses First Click Attribution. This means the first method used to get to your website is saved in a cookie by the WhatConvert’s tracking code.

With the WhatConverts tracking code on your website, when you visit your site using a Google Organic search, you will be stored as an Google Organic search visitor (even if you come back to the site using another marketing source). In order to test sources by simulating different source triggers, you must clear your cookies and close the window after each visit so WhatConverts reads you as a new visitor.

We have the options for clearing your cookies in the following article: How to Clear your Cookies to Test your Number Swapping.

Additionally, you may find it easiest to test your tracking numbers by simulating a Google Ad click. You can do this by opening new browser session and enter this URL:


    Note: adding “?wc_clear=true” to the end of your URL clears the current attribution from WhatConverts tracking cookie.

Adding and Verifying Swap Number

The Swap Number is the phone number displayed on your website. The swap number will be dynamically switched out with the tracking number when a visitor arrives on your website. What and when the tracking number is displayed depends on how your tracking phone numbers are setup in WhatConverts.
Typically, the swap number is the same as the destination number/your main business number.

Double Check your Swap Number

Click “Update“. You should see the following message:

Successfully Updated Phone Number

Test Tracking Numbers

Call the tracking number you set up. In our example, the tracking number is +1 7044956837. The call should forward to your destination/main business number.

Always check your tracking numbers

Confirm within the WhatConverts dashboard that the call registered as a lead by refreshing the browser.

The following will show up; showing the source as a phone call with a phone icon as the type and the source and medium as “Google Organic” just like we set it up.

Check your leads

Having trouble clearing your browser cache and testing the tracking number? Watch the video below: