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Tracking Phone Calls in Google Analytics

WhatConverts allows you to track phone calls inside of Google Analytics through Event Tracking.

Using events to trigger goal completions can be done by first selecting the top "Admin" menu item in your Google Analytics account. Then, select "Goals" from the View column on the right. Click "+ New Goal".

  1. Goal setup - Choose the "Custom" item just above the continue button. Click "continue".
  2. Goal Description - Give your goal a name such as "Phone Call" and select the "Event" radio button. Click "continue".
  3. Goal Details - Set the "Category" to the event category; for Phone calls from WhatConverts use Category Equals to "Phone Call". Click "Save".

Now each time a call is tracked through WhatConverts we'll send an event to your Google Analytics account. This event will then trigger a goal completion that will make your Google Analytics reporting much richer.

These goal completions can also be used as AdWords conversions. This means you can track phone calls made back to a specific campaign and record them as conversions.

    Note: If you are sending Goal Completions as conversions to Google Ads (AdWords) and you have an integration with Google Ads (AdWords) in WhatConverts, you will receive duplicate conversions in Google Ads (AdWords). To fix this, use either the WhatConverts/Google Ads integration or Google Analytics Goal Completion connection.

Sample Reports with Goal Completions triggered by Events

Goal completions or conversions have been built into many standard reports within Google Analytics. Below are screenshots of some of our preferred Google Analytics reports. From these reports, we can view phone call goals by traffic source, campaign or keywords.

Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium

Google Analytics Call Tracking Goals

Acquisition > AdWords > Campaigns

Google Analytics Call Tracking Goals

Acquisition > Adwords > Keywords

Google Analytics Call Tracking Goals

Conversions > Goals > Overview

Google Analytics Goal Call Tracking Conversions

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