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Insightly CRM Integration

WhatConverts integrates with Insightly CRM to send incoming lead information and marketing data from WhatConverts directly into your CRM using Zapier.

Before connecting WhatConverts to Insightly CRM, you first need to create an account in Insightly and create a Zapier account, if you don’t already have one setup.

Creating Custom Fields in Insightly

1Log into Insightly CRM. Click the “user icon” at the top right of the Insightly dashboard. Select “System Settings“. On the left-hand menu, click “Objects and Fields“. Click “Contacts“.

System Settings

2Click “Object Fields” under Object Management. Click “New Field”.
New Field in Insightly CRM
3You need to create two fields. The first, select “Text” for the Field Type, click “Next“. The Field Label will be “Lead ID” and the Field Name will be “Lead ID“. Click “Save Custom Field“.
4Select “Multi-Line Text” for your second custom Field Type. The Field Label and Field Name will be “Marketing Data”. Click “Save Custom Field“.

Sending Call Leads to Insightly CRM

1Go to Zapier, click “Make a Zap” and select “WhatConverts” as your Trigger App and “New Lead” as the Trigger. Click “Continue“.

WhatConverts as Trigger App in Zapier
Connect your WhatConverts account to Zapier or select your WhatConverts account, select your WhatConverts profile. Continue through, click “Fetch & Continue” to get a sample lead.
2Click “+” and “Filter” on the left side to add a Filter step.
Add Filter Step in Zapier
Select “Only continue if…” and click “Save + Continue“. Under Only continue if… select “Lead Type“, “(Text) Exactly matches” and type in “Phone Call“. Click “Test & Continue“. Test your step and continue.
Filter setup and test

3Create an Action step. Select “Insightly” as your Action App. Select “Create Contact” as the Action. Click “Continue“. Connect your Insightly account; click “Continue“. On the Set up Insightly Contact page select the following:

First Name: “Caller Name
Phone – Work: “Caller Number
Work City: “Caller City
Work State: “Caller State
Lead ID: “Lead ID
Marketing Data: Type the following and select the fields from the drop down: Source, Medium, Campaign, Content, Keyword, Lead Page and Landing Page

Set up Insightly Template in Zapier to send WhatConverts leads to Insightly CRM

Click “Continue” then “Send Test to Insightly“.