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Formsite Form Tracking

Formsite is a for creation tool that allows you to build forms and embed them into your website. In this document, we will go over how to track your Formsite forms within your WhatConverts dashboard.

Add your WhatConverts Tracking Script to the Formsite form

1Go to Formsite and “edit” the form you wish to track in WhatConverts.
2In the Form Editor, select “Formatting Items” and add a “Custom Code” block to your form.
Add Custom Code
3Click “Edit” and paste your WhatConverts Tracking Code under Settings. Click “Save“.

Editing the Formsite Form to Track in WhatConverts

Note: You will need to use the Embed Method of your Formsite form to track your form properly.

1Go to the page where your Formsite form is embedded, right click the form and click “Inspect“. Find the <iframe> tag. Copy the ID and the Src. Paste the values into a Notepad or blank document.

    Note: In the image below, the ID is highlighted in yellow, while the src is highlighted in blue.

Copy the ID and the Iframe Source

2Replace the Formsite embed code on your page with the following (make sure to replace the ID and Src with the data copied from Step 1):

    <iframe id="Copied ID" width="100%" height="800" frameborder="0"></iframe>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    wc_iframe_ypbib('Copied Src URL','Copied ID');

3Save the changes to your page.

Setting up the form in WhatConverts

1Log into your WhatConverts account. Under Profile, select “Tracking“, then “Web Forms“. Click “+ Add Web Form” at the top of the page.

2Select “Advanced Integration“. Name your form, then select “ID” for Attribute Type and type in “FSForm” for Attribute Type Value as shown below.
FSForm Attribute Type Advanced Form Integration

Click “Update“.

3Go to the page your Formsite form is located, fully refresh the page and submit a test to your form. You will now see that test submission show up in your WhatConverts dashboard.