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Facebook Messenger Integration with Chatfuel

Integrating your incoming conversations from Facebook Messenger requires two third party programs: Zapier and Chatfuel.

Before connecting WhatConverts to Facebook Messenger, you first need to create an account in Chatfuel and create a Zapier account, if you don’t already have one setup.

Set up a Chat Bot Automation in Chatfuel

1Go to Chatfuel and set up a new bot by clicking “Create from Template“.
Create New Bot in ChatFuel

2Edit the default Welcome Message that greets visitors when they begin a chat on Facebook Messenger.

3For a simple bot to follow up with a user, click “+” under Add A Card. Select “User Input“. For a simple follow up, add a user input boxes to ask for an Email Address and a second to ask for a message to send back to your team.

Add a card

User Input Plugin

4For each User Input card, you can create dynamic fields to import. In the example below, the first User Input asks for their email address with the dynamic field of {{email}}; the second asks what their message is with the dynamic field of {{help}}

User Input Fields

5Click “+” under Add A Card. Select “JSON API“.

Add JSON API card

Create a Connection in Zapier

6Go to Zapier, click “Make a Zap“. Select “Webhooks by Zapier” as your Trigger App and “Catch Hook” as your Trigger. Click “Continue“. Leave Pick off a Child Key empty.

7Copy the Webhook URL created by Zapier on the Pick A Sample To Set Up Your Zap page. Go back to your Chatfuel bot. Paste the URL into the URL box under your JSON API card. Select “POST” as the Type in your drop down. Select the user attributes you wish to pass to WhatConverts. In the example below, we are sending {{first name}}, {{last name}}, {{email}}, {{help}}.

JSON API Send Attributes

9Go to the Facebook Business Page where your Chatfuel bot is connected and Start a Test Chat. Make sure to answer the questions you’ve set up.

9Go back to Zapier, on the Pick A Sample To Set Up Your Zap page, click “Ok, I did this“. Zapier will now find your test submission to your Facebook Chat. Select the sample and click “Continue“.

10Click on the “…Do This” step. Select “WhatConverts” as your Action App and “Create Lead” as your Action. Connect to the WhatConverts account you are sending your Facebook Messenger leads to.

    Note: If you have not set up a WhatConverts account in Zapier, you can follow the detailed instructions in Connecting to Zapier.

On the Set up WhatConverts Lead stage of the Zap, choose the following:

Set up WhatConverts Facebook Messenger Lead

    Lead Type: Chat
    Profile: Your WhatConverts Profile
    Referrer Source: Facebook
    Referrer Medium: Chat

Add the following field under Additional Fields:

    Name: First Name Last Name
    Email: Email
    Message: Help

Note: You can add any additional fields you’re collecting from Facebook Messenger you would like to pass as well under Additional Fields.

Continue through and click “Send Test to WhatConverts“.

11Go to WhatConverts to see your new Chat Lead from Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger WhatConverts Chat Integration