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How do I Track Calls on Third Party Sites?

WhatConverts offers solutions for call tracking for all of your marketing materials, online and offline. You can track calls on third party sites (such as Facebook, Yelp or Google My Business) using an Offline Tracking Number.

Create an Offline Tracking Number for your Third Party Site

1Go to your WhatConverts dashboard. Under Profile, select “Tracking” and click “Phone Numbers“.
2Click “Add Phone Number“. Select between Local and Toll Free and click “Buy Number“. In the prompt, give your phone number an easily recognizable name that identifies your marketing campaign or direct mail piece, enter your Destination Number, choose your call options and select “No” for Dynamic Phone Number Insertion.

    Note: This tracking number will only be used for offline marketing materials. Setting the number to “No” for dynamic phone number insertion allows you to track calls that come directly from the third party site.

Third Party Call Tracking

Click “Update“.

3Place your new Tracking Number on the third party site you would like to track calls from.