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Viewing Duplicate and Spam Leads

By default, duplicate and spam leads are hidden in the lead view.

However, you can still view all duplicate and spam leads by clicking on the “Columns” button near the date range selector.

View Spam and Duplicate Leads

From the columns menu popup, tick the box for “Duplicate” and “Spam“. This will bring up both columns in the leads list. Then, simply change the filter below the column header to either “Yes” or “No“.

Duplicate and Spam leads

    Note: If multiple form submissions are received from the same person within 2 minutes, we automatically mark these leads as duplicates. Many times, if a form has required fields, people will not fill out all of the details which results in them submitting the form multiple times.

All duplicate and spam submissions are automatically removed after 30 days and will no longer be accessible. If you would like to keep these leads please remove the duplicate or spam tag from the lead.