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Receive Incoming SMS Text Messages to your Mobile Phone Using Zapier

You can use WhatConverts to capture incoming SMS (text) messages from users. These texts will be recorded in your WhatConverts dashboard and you will receive an email notifications for the incoming SMS lead.

If you would like to receive these messages on your mobile phone, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

    Note: You will need a Zapier account.

1Go to Zapier and click “Make a Zap“. Under When this happens … choose “WhatConverts” as the app and “New Lead” under Choose Trigger Event.

Connect your WhatConverts account and under Choose Account and click “Continue“. Under Customize Lead select “No” for each of the lead types with the exception of Text Messages. Select “Yes” for Text Messages. Select your profile from the Profile (required) drop down menu and click “Continue“.

SMS Setup

Click “Continue“. Then, select “Test & Continue” to pull in samples.

    Note: While Zapier is searching for samples, you can send a new SMS message to one of your WhatConverts tracking numbers to continue to set up the Zap.

2Click “Do this …“. Search for and select “SMS by Zapier“. Under Choose Action Event select “Send SMS“. Click “Continue“. Under Choose Account either select your mobile number that has already been set up or connect a new mobile number to your Zapier account.

    Note: You must have access to the mobile number you are setting up in Zapier.

Click “Continue“. On the Customize SMS page, select which number you would like your messages to come from. The phone numbers listed here will be the “From” number you see on your mobile phone.

Under “Message” type in the following:

    Phone Number: Select the Insert a Field drop-down menu and select the “Caller Number“. Click “Enter” on your keyboard to enter a new line for the message contents.
    Message: Select the Insert a field drop-down menu and select “Message“.

Send SMS

Click “Continue“. Click “Test & Continue” to send the test lead to your mobile phone. Turn your Zap “On” and give your Zap a name.