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Setting Up A New Account

Steps for setting up a new account as a master agency user.

Create a customer account.

  1. Login into to your Agency account e.g. http://leads.yourwebsite.com
  2. Select top menu. ‘Admin’ > ‘Account List’
    This page will list all your accounts.
  3. At the bottom of accounts page you’ll see an ‘Add Account’ section. Enter the company name for the customer and  click ‘Add’
  4. The Account is now added to the list on the account page.
  5. Click the edit-icon icon next to the account you want to manage.

Create a new profile for the account.

  1. If you have no profile setup, it will take you to the ’add profile’ page.
    Follow the instructions through the process of setting up a profile.
  2. Enter the profile name or website address for your customer.
  3. You’ll be taken to a page with the tracking script to be added to your customers website. Add the the script to your customers website.
  4. The next step is to ‘Add a web form’.
  5. The next step is to ‘Add a Phone Number’.
    1. Select local or toll-free.
    2. Enter the area code. E.g. 704 for Charlotte. Click search. You’ll be shown a list of available numbers
    3. Click ‘Add’ to select the number you want.
    4. Give the number a name like ‘Google Organic, Lead Number, Adwords, Website, Signage, etc…’
    5. Destination Number. This is the number that the call is forwarded to.
    6. Do you want to use Number Swap? Yes or No. If No, select ‘No’ and press the ‘Update’ button and you can begin using the number.
    7. If Yes, provide the number we need to swap out. This is typically the existing number on the website.
    8. ‘Set Source to Trigger’. These options allow you to select what traffic sources or marketing source you want to track with this number. For example to track Google Adwords, select ‘search‘ the ‘visitors from ‘Google‘ for ‘paid‘. This number will be display for any traffic from a Google Paid advertising source.
    9. Press the ‘Update’ button and you can begin using the number.
    10. Add as many numbers as you need from this page. You can always return to ‘Tracking > Phone Numbers‘ to manage your tracking telephone numbers. All changes are done in Real time.