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Setting Up A New Account

Steps for setting up a new account as a master agency user.

Create a customer account.

  1. Login into to your Agency account e.g. http://leads.yourwebsite.com
  2. Select from the side menu, “Agency“, then click “Accounts” and “Account List“.
    This page will list all your accounts.
  3. Account List

  4. At the top of accounts page you’ll see a “+ Add Account” button. Enter the Company Name for the new customer account and click “Next“.
  5. The Account is now added to the list on the Account List page.
  6. Click the edit-icon icon next to the account you want to manage.

Create a new profile for the account.

  1. Select the Account you want to add a profile to. Click “Profiles” then “Add Profile“.
  2. Add Profile

  3. You can now follow the instructions from the Step-by-Step Setup Guide beginning with Step 2.