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Step By Step Setup Guide

1Sign Up by entering your email address, password, and credit card information to embark on your 14-day free trial.

2Add a phone number by choosing between a “Local Number” and “Toll-Free Number“. For this example, we are going to use a Local Number, we click on that link and it will display a Country drop down and Area Code text box. We will use United States as the country and 704 as the area code.

Add a Local Phone Number

3Click “Search” and a list of available numbers are returned along with their city and state. Once you decide which number you would like to use click “Buy Number“. This number is now set to your profile.

Adding New Phone Numbers

4Assign a Source Name and Destination Number. The Source Name can be anything you wish to name the number, but a good rule of thumb is to keep it relevant to the traffic source. In this case, we will name the traffic source “Google Organic”.

The Destination Number is typically your main business number, or the number you want your newly acquired tracking number to forward the call to when connected.

Check “Yes” to track where visitor calls originate.

Setup Call Tracking

5Set a traffic source for this number. In this case, we want are going target Google Organic visitors. Under Set Source To Trigger, select “Search“, then set the drop-down boxes as “Google” for “Organic“.

Set up call tracking

6Set the Swap Number that will be switched out with the tracking number when a visitor comes from the traffic source you specify. Typically, the swap number is the same as the destination number/your main business number.

Set a number to swap

Click “Update“. You should see the following message:

Click Update

We now have our new tracking number that is set up to display for Google Organic visitors. When the tracking number is called, it will forward to our business number. With WhatConverts, we will automatically switch out the swap number you set with the tracking number whenever a visitor comes from Google Organic.

As a result, any time a user visits from Google Organic and calls your new number you will be able to see that the call was generated from Google Organic.

7To add a Web Form for tracking within the WhatConverts dashboard, go to “Tracking” and click “Web Forms” from the left side menu. Then click the “+ Add Web Form” button which will bring up this window:

Add a Web Form

Enter the URL address where the form you want to track is located. In this example, we will use the Industry Tap contact page. Then click “Go“.

Our form finder will identify the forms available, as you can see in the image below.
Note: We will also find Search Bar forms and Email Subscribe forms on the page.

We recommend adding a contact or lead/quote request forms. The Form ID highlighted in blue is the form we want to add. Click the “Add” button.

Find and Add a Web form

You should see the message “web form added successfully” after clicking the “Add” button. It is also now located in your Web Forms Tracking section of the dashboard.

Find and Add a Web form

8Add the Tracking Code To Your Site.

Copy and paste the tracking code into every page of your website. If you are using WordPress, install and activate the WhatConverts plugin.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you have a unique 5 digit profile ID that is linked to your profile. Copy and paste the full script highlighted into every page of your website, preferably within the <head> </head>tags.

If you are running your site through WordPress, simply download the WhatConverts plugin. After downloading and activating the plugin, go to the settings of the plugin and copy and paste your profile ID, in this case 54615, into the backend of the plugin and you’re good to go.


9Test your Web Form Tracking by filling in the form on your website and submitting. The default “No lead found” screen on your WhatConverts dashboard will disappear and you’ll see the form submission listed on your dashboard.

Web Form New LEad

10Test your tracking number; call the number you set up and it should forward to your destination/main business number.

The number is found within the dashboard; go to “Tracking” then “Phone Numbers” on the left side menu. Clear your browser cache or login to your dashboard using a private/incognito window for the best test results.

Phone Number Settings

Confirm within the WhatConverts dashboard that the call registered as a lead by refreshing the browser.

You should see the following show up showing the source as a phone call with a phone icon as the type and the source and medium as Google Organic just like we set it up.

Phone Call Lead

If all steps have gone smoothly, then congrats! Your WhatConverts profile is ready to roll.