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    Help Center Getting Started

    Step By Step Setup Guide

    1After you've signed up for a new WhatConverts plan, you'll go through a series of setup steps when creating an account.


    • If you're on the Agency Plan, you will need to name your first account and enter the URL.

    New Profile Setup Page

    2Install your WhatConverts Tracking Code. You can find your tracking code on the right side of the page with detailed instructions on how to install.

    Once you have installed your WhatConverts tracking code, click the "Verify Installation" button to ensure that it is installed correctly.

    3Click the "Get Phone Numbers" button. Select "Typical Setup" to start tracking all of the calls to your website. Click "Next Step".

    Follow the guide to determine how many numbers you'll need for your website, choose the Country, Phone Number Type (Local or Toll Free) and Area Code and click "Find Numbers".

    Your numbers will be preselected. Review the numbers and click "Next Step".

    Phone Number Setup Page

    Enter your Destination Number (the number you want your calls forwarded to) and click "Next Step".

    The next few prompts will guide you through setting up these tracking numbers to ensure you have all the features that you're looking for:

    • Call Recording
    • Call Greetings (a message that is played to the caller)
    • Call Whisper (a message that is played to the call recipient)
    • Tracking Text Messages
    • Call Transcription
    • PCI Redaction

    Once you are satisfied with the settings you've chosen, click "Finish".

    4Click the "Add Web Forms" button. Select the Form Finder button and enter your URL where your form is located. Click "Find Form".


      Make sure to use the full URL the form is located on. Example: https://yourwebsite.com/contact

    Select the form that you would like to track and click "Finish".

    Form Selection

    5Click "Go to Dashboard".

    Testing your Setup

    1Add ?gclid=test&wc_clear=true to the end of your website URL and visit your site.



    The GCLID parameter simulates a Google Ads click and wc_clear=true clears any prior WhatConverts attribution you may have in your browser.

    2Place a call to the tracking number on your site. Once completed, go to the "Leads" tab at the top of your WhatConverts profile to get to your Leads Manager. Scroll down to view the phone call lead from the call you just made.

    Test Phone Call Lead

    3Go to the page your form is located on and submit a test form. Once submitted, refresh your Lead Manager page. You should now see a Web Form lead in addition to your phone call lead. Click "View Lead" (as shown above) to view the full contents of the form submission.

    Lead Details Content

    If you have any questions, please contact us here: Contact WhatConverts Support or email support@whatconverts.com

    1Sign Up by entering your email address, password and credit card information to embark on your 14-day free trial.

    2Add at least four phone numbers to track All Traffic by choosing between "Local Numbers" and "Toll-Free Numbers". For this example, we are going to use a Local Number, click on that link and it will display a Country drop down and Area Code text box. We will use United States as the country and 704 as the area code.

      • For more information or to find out how many numbers you'll need to track all traffic please visit:

    Determine how many numbers you will need for your dynamic number pool.

    Add a Local Phone Number


    • If you have closed the Quick Setup Tutorial, you can also add new phone numbers by clicking on


      • ", "


      • ", "

    Phone Calls

      • " and "

    Phone Numbers

      • " then clicking "

    + Add Phone Number

      " at the top of the page.

    3Click "Search" and a list of available numbers are returned along with their city and state. Once you decide which numbers you would like to use click "Buy Selected Numbers". These numbers are now set to your profile.

    Quick Start: Add Tracking Numbers

    4Assign a Name and choose to direct your calls to a Destination Number. The Name can be anything you wish to name the numbers, but a good rule of thumb is to keep it relevant to the traffic source. In this case, we will name the numbers Dynamic Website Number as we are going to track all of the traffic coming to our site.

    The Destination Number is typically your main business number, or the number you want your newly acquired tracking number to forward the call to when connected.

    Choose whether you would like to see the Caller's Number or Tracking Number for the Caller ID, turn on Call Recording, set up a Call Greeting and/or Call Whisper..

    Phone Number Setup

    5Select "Yes" for Dynamic Phone Number Insertion. Select the radio button for Dynamic Number Pool and select "All Traffic" to assign your numbers into the Dynamic Number Pool that was automatically created for you with your WhatConverts account.

    Dynamic Number Pool for All Traffic

    Review the phone number settings and click "Update".

    6Check your Swap Number in your All Traffic Dynamic Number Pool to ensure it is the phone number on your site that is currently hard-coded (or static) on your site.

    Swap number check

    If there is no Swap Number or it is incorrect, click the "gear icon" at the far right of the All Traffic pool. Type in the correct Swap Number with no punctuation and click "Update".


      • This step can be found in your WhatConverts account by clicking "


      • ", "

    Phone Calls

      • " and "

    Phone Numbers


    7To add a Web Form for tracking within the WhatConverts dashboard, go to "Tracking", "Web Forms" on the left side menu. Click the "+ Add Web Form" button which will bring up the following pop up:

    Add a Web Form

    Enter the URL address where the form you want to track is located. In this example, we will use the Industry Tap contact page. Click "Go".

    Our form finder will identify the forms available, as you can see in the image below.


      We will also find Search Bar forms and Email Subscribe forms on the page. Add only the forms you want to track.

    We recommend adding a Contact or Lead/Quote Request forms. The Form ID highlighted in blue is the form we want to add. Click the "Add" button.

    Find and Add a Web form

    You should see the message "Web Form Added Successfully" after clicking the "Add" button. It is also now located in your Web Forms Tracking section of the dashboard.

    New Web Form Added

    8Add the WhatConverts Tracking Code to your site by copy and pasting the tracking code into every page of your website. For detailed instructions on installing your WhatConverts Tracking Code, please see: Adding WhatConverts Script to your Site.

    9Test your Web Form Tracking by filling in the form on your website and submitting. The default "No lead found" screen on your WhatConverts dashboard will disappear and you'll see the form submission listed on your dashboard.

    Web Form Lead

    10Test your tracking number by visiting your website by appending the following parameters to your URL (this simulates a Google Ads click):



    Place a call to the tracking number you see on your site. After you hang up, refresh your WhatConverts dashboard to view your new phone call and all of the data associated with it.

    Confirm within the WhatConverts dashboard that the call registered as a lead by refreshing the browser. You will see the following show up showing the source as a phone call with a phone icon as the type.

    Web Form and Call Leads


      • To view your

    Lead Details

      • , click the "

    Eye Icon

      " to the left of your lead.

    If all steps have gone smoothly, then congrats! Your WhatConverts profile is ready to roll.

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