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Adding Tracking Template in Newest Google Ads (AdWords) Interface

Google has released a new version of their AdWords user interface. In order to track the specifics of your AdWords account such as the Campaign, Landing Page, and Keyword we need to add a tracking template to send campaign and keyword data to WhatConverts to attach to each lead. To implement our tracking template under the new interface follow the steps below:

1Sign into your Google AdWords account.

2Select “All Campaigns” on the top left side of the interface.

3Click on “Settings” on the bottom left side of the menu.

New Adwords Interface Auto Tagging Option

4Select the “Account Settings” tab from the two tabs that appear at the top of the page.

5Choose the “Tracking Template” option and click on the “Tracking Template“ option and add {lpurl}?campaign={campaignid}&content={creative}&keyword={keyword} inside the text box. click “Save“.

Enable Auto Tagging In New Adwords Interface