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How do I Integrate with Search Ads 360?

WhatConverts allows you to connect your Search Ads 360 account. Once connected, WhatConverts will send conversions to floodlights based on leads tracked to your Search Ads 360 account.

Search Ads 360 allows you to use multiple advertising platforms to generate clicks. Each click that is generated will have a unique GCLID parameter appended to the landing page URL. When a GCLID parameter is set on a landing page URL it is attributed to a Google paid visit. This can be circumvented and attributed to the correct advertising platform by appending the utm_source={advertising platofmr} and utm_medium=cpc parameters onto the URL along with the force_utm=true. For example if you are using Search Ads 360 to generate click for Bing paid then a URL generated should look like More information can be found here Setting UTM Source with Auto-tagging Enabled.

1Select the account and/or profile you would like to setup in your WhatConverts dashboard. Click on “Integrations” and select "Search Ads 360" from the left-hand menu.

2Click on "Add Connection" which will send you to Google to allow WhatConverts to send conversions to floodlights in your Search Ads 360 account.

3Click on "Allow" at the authorization page.

Setting up Search Ads 360 Floodlight Tracking

4Select your "Agency", "Advertiser" and "Floodlight" you would like to use for this integration.

5Choose which types of leads you would like for WhatConverts to send to Search Ads 360 as conversions and select when to trigger the conversions to be sent to Search Ads 360.

Note: By default, the new lead option is selected which will trigger when a new lead is received. The sales value option will trigger when a sales value is received with a new lead such as e-commerce transactions or when a sales value is added to a lead after it has been received. When a sales value is present, it will be sent along with the conversion to Search Ads 360 only if the floodlight type is set to transaction. Conversions to floodlights will only be sent once to Search Ads 360 so after a sales value has been added no more conversions will be sent.

6Click "Update".

Search Ads 360 Conversion Tracking Integration

Note: It may take up to 24 hours before conversions show up in Search Ads 360.

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