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Greeting/Whisper Messages

A Call Greeting is an automated greeting to a lead calling a WhatConverts tracking number. Call Whispers are played to the receiving party (person answering the phone) when they answer the phone, and before being connected with the caller. You can set one call whisper per tracking number in WhatConverts to let the receiving party know where the call was generated from.

1To¬†enter a Call Greeting, or a Call Whisper, log onto your WhatConverts dashboard, click “Tracking” then “Phone Numbers” on the left side menu.

Call Tracking Whisper

2Find the phone number you wish to add a Greeting or Whisper to, and click “Edit Number” at the end of the row.

Edit a number to add a greeting or whisper

3In the prompt, select “None“, “Say Message” or “Play Recording” for Call Whisper and/or Call Greeting. Here, you can type out a message that will be read (Say Message) or upload a mp3 recording (Play Recording).

Call Greeting

Call Whisper

4Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update“.