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Greeting/Whisper Messages

A Call Greeting is an automated greeting to a lead calling a WhatConverts tracking number. Call Whispers are played to the receiving party (person answering the phone) when they answer the phone, and before being connected with the caller. You can set a call whisper per tracking number in WhatConverts to let the receiving party know where the call was generated from.

To enter a Call Greeting, or a whisper.  First log onto your WhatConverts Dashboard click “Tracking” on the top menu bar > Click “Phone Numbers” from the drop down menu.


Find Which ever phone number you wish to add a Greeting or Whisper to, and click “Edit Number” at the end of the row.


Here will you will be able to add a caller greeting, or a whisper to a phone number.  When you’ve enter a Greeting or Whisper you are satisfied with, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update“.