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How to Track Calls from an Email

When sending out an email campaign, you can track the leads that were generated from your campaign in two ways:

1. Track when someone calls directly from the email piece
2. Track when someone clicks through from your email onto your website and then calls, submits a form, starts a live chat or places an order.

This document goes over how to set up tracking to capture leads in both ways.

Track Calls from a Number in the Email Campaign

1Go to your WhatConverts dashboard. Under Profile, select "Tracking". Then click "Phone Calls" then, "Phone Numbers".

2Click "Add Phone Number". Select between Local and Toll Free and click "Add Number". In the prompt, give your phone number an easily recognizable name that identifies your Email Campaign, enter your Destination Number, choose your call options and select "No" for Dynamic Phone Number Insertion.

    Note: This tracking number will only be used outside of your website. Setting the number to "No" for dynamic phone number insertion allows you to track calls that come directly from the email.

Click "Update".

3Use your new Tracking Number in the email campaign that is sent out.

Track Calls and Leads from Users who Click through to a Website from an Email Campaign

Important: Before setting up tracking to your site, make sure that you are tracking your incoming leads using an All Traffic Dynamic Number Pool and you have your WhatConverts Tracking Script installed on your page.

1Create a URL to use in your email campaign with UTM parameters that you would like to track from your clicks. You can use a URL builder (such as the Google Analytics URL Builder) to create a URL using an identifiable Source, Medium, Campaign, Content and/or Keyword. This will identify that a user has come from your email campaign. Copy the generated URL.

    Note: WhatConverts can report on the UTM parameters for Source, Medium, Campaign, Content and Keyword.

At the end of the generated URL, append &wc_clear=true. This will clear any previous attribution the user may have in their browser so you can track these new parameters.

    Note: By default, WhatConverts utilizes first click attribution.


Use this URL for any links in your Email Campaign.

2Look for incoming leads from your offline marketing in your WhatConverts Dashboard. You will see your UTM parameters populate as shown below in the Lead Details pop up.

Email UTM parameters

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